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Stitching Together Our Summer Experience

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

The VR team has made great strides these past two weeks in developing a VR mini-game experience using Unity and a variety of Unity Assets. After brainstorming together, we decided to design an experience that starts the player on top of a cliff, entices them through a wormhole, and then sends them to outer space for an asteroid archery challenge. Two teammates have been in charge of each phase, and so naturally, each scene is very unique (some even bizarre) since the teammates have free creative reign over their work.

Mya and Ty have been joyously working on the first scene, The Cliff (or as they call it, “Mountain Masterpiece”). They’ve been focusing on textures and shadows of the rocks, soil, plants, as well as the appearance of the water at the bottom of the cliff. Michael and Johntavius are the wormhole masters. They’ve added visual and sound effects, which initially included Spongebob fervently chanting about getting his driver’s license. That has since changed, but the silliness has not stopped. Deuntay and Trashun have been working on the asteroid archery mini-game. All of last week, Trashun was busy crafting the moonscape, which is huge, in Tiltbrush, and he has admitted that his arms were worn out and was thrilled that he finished it. Deuntay has been refining the mini-game in the last phase.

First day brainstorming ideas on the whiteboard

Overall, We are having tons of Fun

Overall, we are having a ton a fun, and are so excited that this program is coming together. It’s amazing that eight weeks ago, we just had a white board with ideas, and now we have a VR experience stitched together. But this is hard to explain in words, so how about watch a video that shows what we are doing here in Clarksdale.

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