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Lobaki develops training and educational VR experiences to significantly improve results and reduce costs for enterprise applications. VR technologies are rapidly changing the nature of training and education because VR has proven to be faster, easier, less expensive and more scalable for organizations when compared to previous methods reliant on books and lectures. 

Lobaki has a senior management team of entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the practical application of technology to improve the bottom line and the customer experience. 


We empower you and your employees to experience immersive scenarios in VR and measure performance in ways that were impossible before virtual reality.

The future is coming into focus

Think of how much the world has changed in the past 10 years, and realize that the next 10 years will change more and faster. That much change requires a bold embrace of the future and Lobaki will gladly help your business adapt and grow. 

Virtual Reality (VR)​

A fully immersive visual, audio, and tactile experience designed to make the user feel as if they are in a different time and space: best suited for training/education.

Lobaki products: 12-Lead EKG and Concussion Rehabilitation VR experiences to meet specific healthcare client requests. 

Look for Crash Course Coordination (C3) on the Oculus Store! 

Augmented Reality(AR)​

A mix of the computer imagery and data feeds overlaid onto the physical world: highly effective for industrial applications.

Lobaki products: Clarksdale AR walking tour for a cultural preservation experience. 


360 Video​

360 Video accomplishes a feeling of “presence” for viewers by allowing them to modify what is being presented on-screen by looking around or navigating to different points of interest anywhere within 360 degrees of the scene. This shifts the viewer into a feeling of active participation in the viewing experience by allowing more freedom in choosing what parts of the scene they want to explore.

Lobaki products: Parliament XR experience brings New Zealand's Parliament to life in 360 degrees. 

Mixed Reality (MR)​

Mixed Reality takes augmented reality a step further by providing opportunities for physical world objects to interact with digital elements in real-time. Digital objects respond to changes in the physical environment in ways that provide powerful interactions for developers aiming to educate, train, or entertain users in exciting and immersive new ways.


Not all XR products are created equal and with Lobaki you get solutions that work.

To do so, Lobaki uses the latest equipment, skills and software to create the most effective VR applications possible.  No worries of sea sickness or disconnect from merely converting 2D content to 3D or taking other shortcuts.  Lobaki develops each application with painstaking detail to produce the greatest results with current technologies.  All the buzz and hype surrounding VR at the moment can be difficult to decipher but we take pride in ensuring that our customers get the returns they deserve from VR products and solutions made by Lobaki.


Lobaki started a nonprofit VR training academy located in Jackson, MS funded by grants from government and charities in 2018. We felt that it was time to train a new wave of XR developers for the coming surge in employment related to XR. Having lived and worked through the Internet revolution in the 1990’s, leaders at Lobaki have experienced firsthand the stress such hyper growth puts on the ability of companies to attract, hire and retain gifted employees. Our leadership team knows the key to prolonged success is a source of qualified employees from which to hire. This lesson was reinforced during the Internet boom when the best web developers were being hired away at 2 or even 3 times their current pay.  The Foundation addresses these needs by:  

  • providing Lobaki with a source of employees in adequate numbers to meet its demand for XR development; 

  • ​training the employees in the specific skill sets it knows they will need to really master XR, not relying on third parties or informal methods to equip employees with complete knowledge and good habits.  

  • ​enabling Lobaki to give back to the community.  To be sustainable for the long term, Lobaki believes it needs to do more than just make money but also be a responsible participant in the community.  It believes in supporting underprivileged and underserved individuals to learn and work with the very latest and professionally lucrative technology entering the mainstream today, much like the early days of the Internet or the rise of mobile applications for smartphones.

Latest Products

Check out our lineup of VR training projects, games and educational experiences.

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