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Virtual Presence is the Key


XRLift accomplishes a feeling of “presence” for trainees by allowing them to modify what is being presented in their virtual environment by using natural head and body motions or using a controller for navigating to different points of interest anywhere within 360 degrees of the virtual scene.

This shifts the learner into a feeling of active participation in the viewing experience by allowing more freedom in choosing what parts of the scene they engage with.

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can help you create safer workplaces through immersive virtual reality trainings and simulation

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XRLift is Safe

Practice important safety tasks utilizing a virtual environment where mistakes are learning opportunities rather than costly accidents.

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Scalable to Meet Your Needs

Expand your training system with ease and manage your devices seamlessly with our scalable and customizable hardware and software options.

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Robust Data Analytics to See the Full Picture

See what your trainees have mastered or where they need improvement to increase your training program's efficiency and effectiveness.

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