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AR Post

Published March 2023

As a former educator, Lobaki CEO, Amber Coeur, wanted to support innovation in the educational system in the U.S. through immersive technology. The possibilities of virtual reality are endless and with VR headsets, students will be able to be completely immersed in an experience without leaving the classroom. They can actually step into a living cell and touch some of those organelles inside the cell and learn about by moving around the cell to explore in ways that were not possible without virtual reality hardware.

The Neshoba Democrat

Published October 2022

Neshoba Central is set to revolutionize classroom learning with the introduction of virtual reality technology. The content is fully engaging and allows for interactive experiences across a wide range of curriculum content areas, and is proven to boost student involvement and learning retention. The district purchased the technology for its engagement factor, and administrators plan to introduce it initially through career technology. With plans for engineering, JROTC, and agriculture instructors to use the technology in the future, the possibilities for interactive, engaging learning experiences are endless.

Press Release

Announced May 2019

Lobaki, Inc. announces their selection by the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) to  develop  a Sports Enhancement Virtual Reality (VR) Experience.  This software is being developed in support of ongoing research on  a novel intervention to improve physical performance  and decrease risk of injury during sports participation. 

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Fox news

Published on Jul 14, 2018

At the beginning of July, Lobaki had the the pleasure of meeting with reporter Willie James Inman from Fox News for an interview about our program. We had a great conversation about our mission in Mississippi as well as the chance to introduce him to both virtual reality and our aspiring youth.


Innovate Mississippi

Published on March 05, 2019

Lobaki is honored and excited to be chosen for the cover of the annual Innovation Report published by Innovate Mississippi! We love being a partner with bold organizations like Innovate Mississippi that are making big bets on the future and taking action now! 

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Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Published on Nov 16, 2018

Southern Remedy TV talks with coaches, athletic trainers, health professionals, and researchers about the lasting impact of concussions what is being done to keep players safe.


Lobaki is an XR Development company based in Jackson, Mississippi. We specialize in developing and researching Virtual and Augmented Reality applications. Our XR Lab in downtown Jackson is the only permanent location one can go to experience such an extensive collection of the most cutting edge VR and AR technology in the world!

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