Silver Stardust
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Amber Coeur

Chief Executive Officer / President

Amber heads up the entire company as a hands-on executive involved in all aspects of the business. She is responsible for the coordination and deployment of assets and human capital to reach performance goals and deliverable milestones for Lobaki.


She has 10 years’ experience working in a high-growth startup environment, having previously led teams to achieve successful scaling of operations for Movement Mortgage based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her skills in management of time, employees, and assets led to a series of promotions that eventually resulted in a leadership position that oversaw support for sales, recruiting, and growth for the National Sales Division. Her educational pedigree includes an MBA from the University of South Carolina, a Master’s in Education and BA from Johnson University.

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Josiah Jordan

Chief Technical Officer / Co-Founder

Josiah is responsible for the technical R&D and commercial product development of the company. He has 17 years of software development and engineering experience, and was most recently CTO of the IoT company Fathym in Boulder, CO. Prior to that he successfully developed cloud computing technologies at GreenButton (acquired by Microsoft to become Azure Batch), aircraft configuration software for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and advanced systems engineering processes for QSST (Quiet SuperSonic Transport) at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works. He has contributed to multiple patents in the aerospace and software industries and has a BS in Aerospace Engineering from University of Colorado, Boulder, 2002.


Kevin Loud

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin is responsible for the accounting and financial function of the company. For the past 16 years he has been a senior partner at Clear Growth Capital, an investment bank in Scottsdale, AZ. Prior to that he successfully co-founded 4 start-up firms (3 in telecommunications, and an investment bank) and has extensive experience in management, capital formation, M&A, and public markets having helped IPO’d in 1996. He has held senior positions at Vanion, Internet Commerce & Communications, Qwest, WorldCom and Vyvx Telecom, and has a BA from UCLA’77 and an MBA from William & Mary 1979.