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360 Video


360 Video accomplishes a feeling of “presence” for viewers by allowing them to modify what is being presented on-screen by looking around or navigating to different points of interest anywhere within 360 degrees of the scene. This shifts the viewer into a feeling of active participation in the viewing experience by allowing more freedom in choosing what parts of the scene they want to explore.


VR Development

Virtual reality development involves the creation of virtual worlds that can be experienced through advanced hardware and sensors to provide a user with a feeling of “presence” and complete immersion within a scene designed by XR developers.

AR Development

Augmented reality development blends digital elements into the physical world by combining imagery from both onto a screen and presenting them as one unified environment. This allows for a user to remain visually connected to their physical surroundings while having digital imagery or layers of information added to their environment.

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GTI_12 Lead EKG_2.png

Dr. Christopher Powe Ph.D., President of Global Training Institute

"Working with Lobaki we are able to provide the definitive Experience on the Heart and show aspects of it that have never ever been seen before."

boeing logo.png

Brian Laughlin, Ph.D.,
Technical Fellow at Boeing

“Boeing is testing Augmented Reality technology in the Factory and believes a 30 percent reduction in time spent doing a job is possible."


Andy Trainor,

Senior Director of Walmart U.S. Academies 

“VR training boosts confidence and retention while improving test scores 10 to 15 percent"

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