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Fall Fear Fly Redemption Release Date

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

We are releasing our experience, Fall Fear Fly Redemption, at our big event on August 6th, 2017 at the VR Center in Clarksdale! Our team of developers will walk people through the experience and discuss the development process. Following the event, Fall Fear Fly Redemption will be available on STEAM for the global market!

What's Been Happening Lately

We have been prepping for the event and finalizing the mini-game. Dozens of people have already tested the program, which helped us uncover and correct any bugs that needed attention. The team has also been working on sound effects. Michel wrote a song, which Shania sang for the intro scene. Johntavius and Trashun contributed in providing a laughter track and motivational quotes for the wormhole and mini-game, and Ty is the queen of screaming which she showcased by providing some great screams for our characters. We are excited to reveal our VR experience, and we hope others will enjoy it!


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