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Virtual reality offers faster learning and more immersive realism than traditional training methods. Partner with Lobaki and experience the power of VR for your organization. 


Breakthrough innovations have unleashed virtual reality technologies that are easy to use, secure, and quick to deploy for learners of all ages and experience levels. Lobaki's team of designers, project managers and developers can bring the turnkey solutions for proven, long-lasting hardware and software for virtual reality training, education and simulation. 


VR Experience

PwC released a study showing that learners using virtual reality were up to 275% more confident to act on what they had learned after training, showing a 40% improvement over classroom settings and a 35% better performance than traditional e-learning solutions. 

Virtual reality development involves the creation of virtual worlds that can be experienced through advanced headsets and sensors to provide a user with a feeling of “presence” and complete immersion within a scene designed by Lobaki's VR development team.


Immersive Institute

Immersive Institute is a distance learning platform developed by Lobaki that provides engaging and effective learning solutions for educators across the country that are looking to bring together teachers and students with a sense of physical presence via virtual reality.

Lobaki works with educators to create customized VR content that aligns with their curriculum and state learning standards. 


360 Video

360 Video accomplishes a feeling of “presence” for viewers by allowing them to modify what is being presented on-screen by looking around or navigating to different points of interest anywhere within 360 degrees of the scene. This shifts the viewer into a feeling of active participation in the viewing experience by allowing more freedom in choosing what parts of the scene they want to explore.

XR Academy

We provide turnkey lab solutions for VR hardware and software at your site if you're interested in providing education or training in VR.

Lobaki will guide you through the process to select the right equipment, software, warranties and support services to ensure that your virtual reality needs are customized for your unique industry and the priorities of your organization. 



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