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Jackson Public Schools' use of VR technology was featured on WAPT 16 Jackson News

Are teachers tired of combating restlessness and inattention from students sitting in a classroom and listening to lectures day after day? Is it time for educators to make it possible for students within public education to explore the world without being prevented due to high travel expenses and logistical difficulties? Well, technology is providing educators with a powerful new solution, and it's called virtual reality!

Thanks to the extraordinary new partnership with Jackson Public Schools, WAPT 16 News in Jackson produced a recent segment highlighting students who will now have access to Lobaki's cutting-edge virtual reality technology as an important component of their education. This means that the traditional classroom setup, where teachers talk and students observe and take notes, will have the chance to interactively engage students in new ways from an immersive learning experience.

As a former educator, Lobaki CEO, Amber Coeur, wanted to support innovation in the educational system in the U.S. through immersive technology. The possibilities of virtual reality are endless and with VR headsets, students will be able to be completely immersed in an experience without leaving the classroom. They can actually step into a living cell and touch some of those organelles inside the cell and learn about by moving around the cell to explore in ways that were not possible without virtual reality hardware.

But VR is not just a fun and interactive way to learn. According to educators and developers, it can cater to different types of learning styles, from hands-on learning to visual or auditory. The technology makes it possible to assess within the experiences what step the student needs to take, so teachers can individualize education. Jackson Public Schools are leading the way with their impactful partnership bring the most immersive technology available to their classrooms to power teaching and learning through technology.

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