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Lobaki Has Ribbon Cutting & Grand Reopening

The City of Jackson and the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership held a ribbon cutting ceremony in celebration of the renovation of Lobaki’s offices. The office renovations were necessary to accommodate the expansion of the company and welcome new team members. Lobaki received a certificate of appreciation from the City of Jackson, represented by Vic Sexton, followed by an award celebrating the ribbon cutting from Jeff Rent with the Jackson Greater Chamber Partnership. Lobaki President, Kevin Loud invited everyone to join the Lobaki Team for an open house and cocktail hour.“Come in and see for yourself! You have to experience Virtual Reality to truly understand the impact it is having on Education and Workforce Development.“

With those parting words, guests were welcomed into the renovated office and were encouraged to experience Virtual Reality for themselves. The Lobaki Development Team were prepared and demonstrated the power of Virtual Reality in the education, workforce development, and enterprise industries through various interactive stations within the open house. Participants were able to see the true impact that VR is having on education through Lobaki’s Immersive Institute, a software product that focuses on k12 academic education and college and career readiness. A vast number of educational experiences are included in the Immersive Institute and participants were able to experience different modules ranging from a tour of the ancient pyramid while personally meeting legends of Egyptian history, to meeting the key members of the Civil Rights Movement and how they made an impact, to exploring the differences between the inside of an animal and plant cell. As Loud explained to guests as they explored the various stations,“It's like Rock’n Roll, you have to experience it to know the impact Virtual Reality has.”

One of the demonstrations that guests were invited to experience was the latest product offering from the Lobaki Team,Lobaki Launchpad. This innovative multi-semester training academy is among the first of its kind in the digital artistry industry,providing all students with the opportunity to graduate with actual job experience on their resume. Lobaki Launchpad allows students to explore a wide range of potential digital artistry careers while developing a portfolio for those careers on industry standard software and equipment. The Mission Control collaboration platform in Lobaki Launchpad grants workforce credit within these careers; students get their creations published by a professional VR Development company.With innovative products such as the Immersive Institute and Lobaki Launchpad, the future of Virtual Reality in Mississippi looks bright with Lobaki blazing the trail.

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