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Lobaki CEO, Amber Coeur, Keynote Speaker at VRARA

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Recently, I had the honor of speaking with the Charlotte chapter of the VRARA about the work we are doing at Lobaki. This was also the first in-person event for the group in over 2 years, so it was quite a special evening for everyone involved. And for me personally, it was great being back in North Carolina sharing about what we have been able to accomplish in a short time at Lobaki.

Our host for the interview, Katya Gorlatova, could not have been more professional or welcoming. She made the conversation natural and brought everyone’s interest into the mix. Through our “fireside” chat, we discussed the VR industry as a whole, adoption of the technology, Lobaki’s work in schools and industry, and the challenges that are present as a startup in today’s economic environment. Of course, being in the industry and living these realities every day, I take for granted the fact that not everyone has the ability to see things from the same perspective that I do. That’s why it is always exciting for me to get to share these thoughts and visions and help spread knowledge among those who are interested in this technology space.

It is also clear that Charlotte has a wonderful group of people who are interested in not only VR/AR, but also other emerging technologies. The group that gathered was supportive, inquisitive, and excited to hear about the industry as a whole as well as the entrepreneurship scene in general. Being a startup, it is vital to have people around you who understand the challenges you face and can also offer up support and encouragement. There was no lack of that during this meeting and with this fellow group of interested techies.

I am looking forward to seeing what the Charlotte chapter does in the future and hope to be a small part of its ongoing work in the area.

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