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Jackson Public Schools to receive immersive education systems in a multiyear partnership

Jackson Public School District is taking a step into the future of education with the implementation of virtual reality technology into classrooms across the school system. This innovative learning tool is being embraced by schools across the country due to its benefits to the educational experience, including increased knowledge retention and reduced time to learn. With this technology, students will be able to experience hands-on learning in new ways, like going inside a plant cell or speaking to Civil Rights leaders as they tell their stories.

The implementation of virtual reality technology in Jackson Public School District is an exciting new development for the education system. Teachers are thrilled about the integration of virtual reality and the accompanying teacher-focused resources provided by local Jackson-based company, Lobaki, which allow for easy integration into their current required curriculum standards.

“We have been interested in using virtual reality in our schools for quite some time now, as we are always looking to improve the educational experience,” says Dr. Rajeeni Scott, Executive Director of School Support for Jackson Public School District. “With the additional challenge of learning loss created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew it was time to implement this solution within our schools. After completing a national open bid process, Lobaki won the contract, due to their overall value, which includes pricing, content, installation, training, management systems, and support. As Mississippi’s only owned and operated virtual reality content creation company, the level of support from installation to training is unmatched. We know they aren’t going to drop off hardware and leave as other companies would – they are our next-door neighbors and fellow Mississippians.”

Lobaki, as Mississippi’s only owned and operated virtual reality content creation company, shares in the excitement of this implementation with the district. “As one of the oldest and largest school systems in the state of Mississippi, Jackson Public School District’s decision to implement virtual reality technology stands out as one of the largest implementations in the United States to date,” says Amber Coeur, CEO of Lobaki. “We are honored to have been selected as JPSD’s virtual reality provider. We share in their desire to improve the lives of their scholars and take the responsibility seriously.”

Jackson Public Schools is the second-largest school district in Mississippi, serving nearly 19,000 scholars, representing more than 80 percent of school-aged children in the state's capital and only urban municipality. There are 7 high schools, 10 middle schools, 31 elementary schools, and 4 special program schools comprising the District's 52 school sites. These schools are divided into 7 feeder patterns based on the high school receiving the area's scholars.

Lobaki is transforming the learning process and experience with virtual reality technology. Thousands of learners across the country use immersive experiences created by Lobaki to learn faster and retain more information longer. K-12 schools, Community Colleges, Universities, major corporations, governments, and non-profits are using Lobaki to create, implement, and deploy meaningful learning experiences that bring hands-on learning to an unmatched level. By using all the senses, learners receive real-time feedback that engrains learning better than traditional learning methods. Along with Lobaki’s assessments and data insights portal, educators and trainers have actionable information to improve learning outcomes, and training efficacy while community leaders create impactful stories to drive economic development and community engagement. Located in Jackson, Mississippi, Lobaki is committed to addressing the “brain drain” by creating technology jobs and recruiting from local institutions.

The integration of virtual reality technology in Jackson Public School District is a significant move towards modernizing education and giving students an innovative and hands-on learning experience. With the support of local Jackson company Lobaki, students will now have access to technology that can provide unique and engaging learning opportunities that have the potential to improve knowledge retention and the overall educational experience.

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