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A walkthrough of Lobaki's Cell Classroom location in the ENGAGE VR platform. Experience an animal cell by walking among its organelles and witnessing the process of protein synthesis.


A walkthrough of Lobaki's Light Lab location in the ENGAGE VR platform. Learn about the electromagnetic spectrum, manipulate colored flashlights and lenses, build light waves, conduct the classic double slit experiment, and play with light refraction in prisms. 


A walkthrough of Lobaki's Solar System location in the ENGAGE VR platform. Become an astronaut and fly around in your rocket ship throughout our solar system, then go on spacewalks as you learn about each planet and send them into orbit. 


A walkthrough of Lobaki's Periodic Table location in the ENGAGE VR platform. Examine the different groups of elements on the periodic table, then learn about any individual element by examining a chunk of it, exploring its properties and characteristics, and diving into its atomic structure. 


This brand-new experience features five prominent leaders from the civil rights movement: Rosa Parks, John Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr., Thurgood Marshall, and Medgar Evers. Watch these characters come to life to share their stories on our interactive stages. Learn about their lives and legacies as they participate in sit-ins, march on Washington, and advocate for meaningful social change.


Travel back in time nearly 250 years to the founding of the United States in this visit to one of the most important buildings in American history, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA. 


Stand right next to the Liberty Bell in its original location and hold the Declaration of Independence in your hand as its revolutionary words are read aloud. Experience over an hour of educational content within Independence Hall as you learn history in context and on location, as told by the people who were there to debate and sign two of the most important documents in history, the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. 


Players design and construct their own bridges to carry a car from one side to another. Each level offers a different set challenges, parameters, and design constraints as it presents new puzzles for the player to solve. The bridge uses real physics and simulates actual materials to carry the car across span. Over time, players will develop an intuition for what types of shapes and structures work best and which materials are most effective. Learn about physics the fun way with Bridge Builder!


Get insights on your insides with Lobaki’s new Anatomy Lab. This latest addition to our Immersive Institute catalog takes students inside a cadaver lab and presents them with a unique challenge: reassembling the human body. Starting with 20 bones, students construct the skeleton by matching each bone to its proper location. Next, they must match the major muscles and organs to complete the cadaver. The names of all body parts are highlighted on the posters and spoken aloud when correctly matched. By combining interactions from multiple senses, students retain the information better as they quickly develop an understanding of human anatomy.

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