VR Academy


The VR Academy has been designed to provide students an immersive introduction to Virtual Reality and the tools and techniques used to create VR experiences. The exciting aspect of creating VR experiences is that not everyone has to have a computer science interest or be a coder. VR experience creation requires a number of disciplines that tap into artistic and other interests. In any good VR experience, set design, texturing, lighting, audio, sound effects, music, animation, drawing and many other elements figure prominently. The VR Academy reflects this in its inclusive approach to instruction in the world of VR experience creation.


The students go through a twelve week course that begins with the Indigo assessment to uncover their natural talents and motivations.   Armed with self-awareness, students are provided a broad introduction to these different disciplines while continually moving toward specialization based on their strengths.  This process allows each student to discover their particular area of interest. The final four weeks are spent collaborating and crafting a completed VR experience with each student having a hand in the “final” product. At the end, the group gathers to discuss whether or not to release the “finished” (software is never finished) product into the marketplace. Depending on the quality and completeness of the product, a market and development team will be created to support and take the product forward as part of a for profit company, either as a division of Lobaki or a completely new venture. It is envisioned that the VR Academy will lead directly to economic development and job creation wherever it is operating.

The VR Academy is geared toward introduction, exploration and training, but the end goal is economic development, job creation and a sustainable enterprise. We aren’t interested in simply awarding our students a certificate at the completion of their training. Rather, we want to provide them a future.