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Virtual Reality for Economic Development and How it Works 🏗️

The past two years have been dominated by unforeseen and unexpected events around the world. Our team at Lobaki has been relentlessly focused on deploying virtual reality and 360 video solutions to solve the problems facing governments striving to achieve their goals in recruiting and economic development amidst rapidly-changing economic conditions.

At Lobaki, we excel as your partners and collaborators by producing cutting edge virtual reality content and 360 video solutions. We have delivered results for a number of innovative government partnerships and we invite you to connect with us to discuss how we can do the same for you.

Virtual reality and 360 solutions can supercharge your economic development progress:

  • Explain benefits and specifications of your industrial park or available buildings.

  • Attract site location consultants with virtual visits to your location at a fraction of the cost of traveling to the site in-person.

  • Stay ahead of the competition by showing your offerings in virtual reality / 360 video instead of a standard 2D video.

We know the solutions we provide can meet your needs and exceed your expectations, because we have been doing this work for over five years from our HQ in Jackson, Mississippi. Feel free to contact us and our team of virtual reality specialists will gladly answer questions about how this technology can revolutionize your efforts and accelerate your growth with the economic development and recruiting tools of the future.

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