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The future is in sight at Ole Miss with explorations into Virtual Reality.

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Lobaki team members Shalin Jewett (left) and Deuntay Williams (right) with J.R. Love (center) from the McLean Institute at the University of Mississippi.

Lobaki is thrilled to partner with Ole Miss, the McLean Institute, and the Grisham Fellows to unleash the creativity and ambition of students by introducing them to potential careers as designers of virtual worlds!

The McLean Institute hosted the event at Insight Park on campus at the University of Mississippi where Lobaki led students through virtual reality environments and answered their questions about the real-world job opportunities that can be generated through Virtual Reality development.

“Virtual reality has taken Mississippi by storm,” said J.R. Love, project manager for the McLean Institute. “As a learning tool, it has the power to engage students who thrive in an immersive and experiential environment.”

“VR also has promising job creation potential, as this growing field will need many coders and developers who can be trained and employed right here in Mississippi.”

For more information, read about the event here:

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