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Press Release: Lobaki to Transform Workforce Training in Mississippi with Virtual Reality 📈

To provide the best possible forklift training for Mississippi companies, Lobaki has unveiled a new immersive virtual reality program called XRLift - Forklift Training. A first of its kind in Mississippi, this program allows companies to effectively and efficiently train employees, prevent training accidents, and provide better training that employees will better remember and implement in the workplace.

Amber Coeur, President/CEO of Lobaki said: "For Floor Managers and Operation Executives who run busy manufacturing plants or warehouses, the key is cutting downtime and reducing accidents. XRLift protects them from costly downtime by eliminating the need to take their forklifts out of production to train drivers, which can cost large companies $6,000 to $20,000 per forklift, per hour."

According to OSHA, 42% of forklift training accidents result from an employee being crushed by a forklift tipping over. The new XRLift training works to prevent this and other costly workplace accidents.

Vinny Jordan, Director of Design, says Lobaki has overcome the hesitancy of some workers who have never experienced VR or have felt disorientated in VR. “We understand that concern, that’s why we have specific trainers and software enhancements that address those challenges with specific steps that help drivers acclimate faster and train better.”

Some of the best XRLift benefits for Mississippi companies are:

● Weeks of Muscle Memory Training Condensed to Only Hours

● Rapidly and Safely Train More Employees in Less Time

● Better Reporting to Companies

● ZERO Forklift Downtime

● Better Returns on Training Costs

● Scheduled Training Sessions that Work Best With Company Schedules

This IS the Future of Workforce Training

Using genuine OEM forklift controls and real, immersive simulations, companies can train both new and experienced employees on various training demonstrations, allowing for enhanced training beyond what a company’s warehouse and existing training sessions would provide. An immersive virtual reality training is more cost-efficient, scalable, and faster than traditional training.

For More Information or to schedule an on-site demo, contact: XRLIFT@LOBAKI.COM

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