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The Beginning of A Transformational Enterprise

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

You may not expect a virtual reality center in Clarksdale, Mississippi. It is a town of 18,000 people, and known primarily for its rich musical history. Most people who come here are music lovers excited to visit the hometown of Muddy Waters, Sam Cooke, Ike Turner, John Lee Hooker, Robert "Bilbo" Walker, and many more Blues artists. And in the middle of its quiet downtown, is us, a VR center inside a brick building titled "The Shoppe Downtown". 

The center's storefront during Juke Joint. Source: Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship

Lobaki's Business Benefiting the Community

In spring 2017, the founders of Lobaki, in partnership with Indigo, decided to move the Lobaki HQ to Clarksdale and begin an effort to grow a VR tech start-up focused on training and employing people from within the region. Fortunately, at the same time, hundreds of youth from Clarksdale had just went through the Indigo process. We enthusiastically invited these students to join us and contribute to launching an ambitious new company.

Virtual Reality Offers a Powerful Opportunity for Inclusion

Technology has permeated most parts of society and daily life in the 21st century. Coding and computer language skills were the dominant tools used for creating many of the tools and software favorites of the early revolutions in personal computing. In recent years, computer software tools for creators have become more intuitive and these intuitive changes have opened up careers in technology for people that would have traditionally felt uninterested in writing or reading lines of computer code. We believe that virtual reality technologies are leading the revolution to make technology more inclusive for artists, creators, and visionaries to change how education, training, entertainment, retail, and more. Lobaki is honored to do our part to attract new participants to careers in technology and we will help turn dreams into realities through the remarkable new technologies that are being introduced to the world.

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