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Forklift Training, Retraining, and Assessment -- Improved

Virtual reality is revolutionizing forklift training and safety. Your employees and team members can be rapidly trained in complete safety with frequent repetitions and guaranteed instructional quality.

Lobaki's XRLift Forklift Training offers higher precision instruction and greater realism for trainees than any other method of training. Immersive virtual simulations are outperforming all other methods of instruction, especially in light of hiring and training challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. ✔️ Reduce accidents

✔️ Improve performance

✔️ Rapidly train with precision

✔️ Gain actionable insights from data Now is the right time to recognize that virtual reality and immersive learning have reached a breakthrough moment due to advances in technology and the increased need for scalable hiring and training solutions during the disruptive business atmosphere experienced during the Covid era. #FutureOfWork

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