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Fall Fear Fly Redemption Premieres to the Public and Goes Live on the Steam Store

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

We celebrated a successful release on August 6th! The team hosted a premiere at the VR Center in Clarksdale to show their friends, family, and community members the results from our hard work and the published version of Fall Fear Fly Redemption. Before the event started, the team calibrated and prepared the headsets to curate each visitor's experience and arranged the table of snacks and refreshments to savor. We were excited to show the work, and the team waited for user feedback with positive expectations.

When the clock struck 1 pm, no one walked in. Five minutes passed, and then one person strolled in, then two, and then families began flooding in, and it was a hit! A total of 40 people came to the premiere, and 50 people watched our live stream. People ages 6 to 70 years old tried out the game and they all came out smiling. You would see people (gently) falling to the ground, falling backwards through the wormhole, competing with each other to get the best archery score.

Everyone was impressed with what the team had created, and eager to ask each student about their work. The room was buzzing with energy. It was also exciting to announce the release of the game on STEAM, which you can find here:

A man chatting with Trashun, Ty, and Shania about their experiences.

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