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Bridge Builder is a Powerful New Physics Simulator Available with I² Immersive Institute 🌉

Updated: May 12, 2022

Bridge Builder is an engaging, immersive physics simulation where you can design and construct your own bridges to carry a vehicle from one side to another without breaking the bridge. Feel the excitement as you face complex challenges and put your mind to the test with each new level as you interact with the evolving parameters and design constraints which are modeled after real physics and the behavior of real world materials used in modern bridge construction. Over time, you can develop an intuitive sense for which shapes, structures, and materials work best as you’re learning physics the fun way with Bridge Builder!

This STEM-focused virtual reality experience is available with the I² Immersive Institute powered by Lobaki and it offers an incredible new way to engage your body and mind in the learning process as you interact with the fundamental forces and concepts of engineering and physics for creating resilient structures. Learn more about Bridge Builder and other product offerings with Immersive Institute by reaching out to our team through our contact form here.

Or you can visit our Education page to learn more about Immersive Institute plus all current and soon to be released educational experiences and VR solutions available from Lobaki.

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