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Anatomy Lab Offers a Brand New View of YOU with Immersive Learning and Virtual Reality 🫀👩‍⚕️

Get insights on your insides with Lobaki’s new Anatomy Lab with I² Immersive Institute. This latest addition to our Immersive Institute catalog takes the learner inside a cadaver lab and presents them with the unique challenge of reassembling the human body. Learn the names, locations, and connections of all body parts which are highlighted on the posters and spoken aloud when correctly matched. By combining interactions from multiple senses, learners report that they retain the information with greater accuracy and are more engaged and enthusiastic about the learning process as they rapidly develop a deeper understanding of human anatomy.

Learn more about Anatomy Lab and other product offerings with Immersive Institute by reaching out to our team through our contact form here.

Or you can visit Lobaki's Education page to learn more about Immersive Institute plus all current and soon to be released immersive educational experiences and VR solutions available from our developers and curriculum designers.

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